Alloy Wheel Repair

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Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy Wheel Repair | Alloy Wheel Repair Pro - Colorado Springs, CO

Alloy Wheel Repair Pro is the alloy wheel repair resource for individual customers, tire stores, collision centers, high-end dealerships, and car clubs. Our expert wheel techs are committed to providing the best quality service to every customer. Our mobile units serve dealerships across the Front Range area, and our home shop is in Colorado Springs.

Alloy wheels are standard on most cars today. Alloy wheels may be painted, polished, or machined. They are lighter than steel wheels. As they are not made of heavy material, they are vulnerable to cosmetic damage. In most cases, the experts at Alloy Wheel Repair Pro can restore damaged wheels to their original condition at less than half the cost of new wheels.

Sometimes you just cannot miss a pothole or avoid a curb or a collision. But afterwards, the alloy wheel repair professionals can be of help. Wheels that are scratched, scraped, stained, gouged, or corroded are restored with our professional refinishing process. Our wheel repair services include:

• Straighten Wheels
• Repair Scuffed and Curbed/Kerbed Wheels
• Fix Buckled, Cracked, and Bent Wheels
• Do Pothole Damage Repairs
• Repair Corroded Wheels
• Do Split Rim Wheel Repairs
• Scuffed, Scraped and Gouged Wheel Straightening
• Custom Painting
• Plasti Dip
• Cracked Wheel
• Wheel Polishing and Clear Coat Removal
• Sensor Replacement
• Mounting and Balancing
• 2 and 3 Piece Wheel Assembly and Disassembly

As part of our initial inspection, our trained professionals will inspect the damage to ascertain whether repairs are the best course of action. Sometime repairs are not the most suitable course of action. When the wheels are too broken or bent, replacement may be the better option.

Unsafe driving conditions can result when severely damaged wheels cause damaging vibrations that put excessive stress on the suspension and steering components. However, we may be able to straighten wheels and avoid resulting vibrations that could impair the condition of the vehicle’s steering capability and its tires. In such cases, manufacturers recommend replacing the bent or broken wheels, rather than repairing them.

We put safety first and only repair damaged wheels if the wheel repair would be consistent with manufacturer’s guidelines. If the damage requires replacement, we have a wide selection of wheels. We work with Re-man shops throughout the United states and con locate most O.E wheels. We have a reputation to protect, so we are honest about what you need.

Please contact us when you need reliable alloy wheel repair services located near you serving Colorado Springs, Monument, Denver, Boulder, Greeley, Longmont, Fort Collins, and Loveland areas. For disappointment-free repairs, use Alloy Wheel Repair Pro.